Will Nifty be 3 time Lucky with close above 9000,Weekly Forecast

[ Sunday, February 26 | 0 comments ]
Last Week we gave Chopad Levels  of 8840, Nifty gave Long Entry  on Monday and did 2 target on Upside. Lets Analyze how to trade Nifty as we start the new time cycle from 27 Feb-07 march.

Nifty Hourly Chart

Hourly chart keep bouncing from the channel bottom and fall from channel top happened in 2 instances in last 2 weeks as shown in above chart ,Now Bulls need a close

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Bank Nifty does 21000 holding 20750,EOD Analysis

[ Saturday, February 25 | 0 comments ]
As discussed in Last Analysis  High made today was 20958 so still we are not able to do our target of 21000-21100, Till 20750 is held we will be able to achieve the target. Bulls need a close above the green arc for the impulsive move to happen. Bearish only on close below 20500. Bank nifty did the target of 21000 holding above 19750 and saw correction on last hour of expiry but still manage to hold 20750, Till 20750 will hold we will make another attempt to make a new fresh life time high and heading towards 21100-21200. Bearish only on close below 20750.  Are You Addicted To Trading?
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Nifty does 8981 holding 8910, EOD Analysis

As discussed in last analysis  High made today was 8960 near our target of 8981 and closed above 8910 suggesting another attempt will be made to break the range of 8981 for next move towards 9050/9120. As the market moves higher traders need to tighter there SL, As per gann analysis only on close below 8827 the current uptrend will end, Till 8827 is held bulls will make merry and move towards the life highs of 9120. Trailing position is the best way to ride such strong trending market and not speculating when market will form a top. High made was 8982 near the gann angle resistance level, as we have been discussing in process doing our target of 8982 above 8910. Bulls should protect the level of 8847 now for the current trend to continue. Fresh long above 8990 for move towards 9060/9120. Bearish only below 8840 for a move towards 8757/8700/8672Bank Nifty does 21000 holding 20750,EOD Analysis
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Are You Addicted To Trading?

[ Friday, February 24 | 0 comments ]
In July of 2009, 64 year old Martin Hickman lost 200,000 British pounds (approximately $333,000) in a single day trading on the London Stock Exchange (the FTSE).
Hickman told The Telegraph (U.K), “I was going to be a househusband, take care of the dogs and do a little trading on the side. Then things escalated and I was hooked. I switch the computer on straightaway my alarm goes off at 6:30 AM and it stays on well until after midnight. I bore my wife silly, but she understands.”
Hickman’s story is only one of what appear to be never-ending examples of traders who continue to trade despite mounting losses. They manifest some kind of quasi-delusional confidence that they will hit what is called “The Big Fish Trade,” and win back everything they lost and more. They appear to be spellbound and mesmerized by the flickering ticks

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Why Many Traders fail to achieve consistent profit?

[ Thursday, February 23 | 0 comments ]
One of the main reason for not having consistency is  Trading, just because we are itching to do something. Traders just want to be in trade at any cost. Our eyes should be focused on the future, and that is what market timing is all about. Following a strategy that beats the market “over time,”…

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